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OSE Group does everything in its power to support work-study students in their training and career plans.

Here's a testimonial from Clément Duval, work-study Business Manager, on his experience of co-piloting a project abroad.

"Since September 2022, I've been a proud member of the OSE team as junior business manager. However, my journey within the company took an exciting turn in February, when I was given the opportunity to take on a new challenge as a project manager, with the task of co-leading an innovative, modular project alongside Franck Cusset.

My academic career, punctuated by a sandwich course at Les Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, culminated in the award of my general engineering diploma in July 2024. The specificity of my training, focused on innovation management, found a particular echo in my concrete project within OSE, oriented towards modularity.

It was during my final year of apprenticeship at OSE, which began in September 2023, that the door was opened to an enriching international experience. Indeed, to validate my diploma, I had to spend at least eight weeks abroad. Thanks to the support and total involvement of OSE, I was able to spend ten weeks abroad, marking a significant turning point in my career.

Prior to my departure, I had the opportunity to discuss this mobility with OSE management, and the objective was clear: complete immersion in an English-speaking country, with daily interaction with the language and culture, and an immersion in professional and business English.

My professional destination took me to a customer, as a representative of PROSYS, OSE's winding branch. My mission involved maintenance and quality control following the delivery of winding machines. It was a formative experience, both in terms of customer interaction and project contingency management.

OSE played an essential role, offering full support, both professionally and financially. Although I went off on my own, I maintained daily contact with the company, in particular with one of the project managers, thus ensuring ongoing support.

The feedback from this experience has been marked by a clear improvement and increased fluency in English (B2 ++). Less hesitation in speaking and writing boosted my confidence. Being left to my own devices in a foreign context has helped me to mature, to become more at ease with customer interaction and to strengthen my ability to make decisions.

In short, my international experience with OSE was much more than just the validation of a diploma; it was a professional and personal adventure that left an indelible mark on my growth and skills. At OSE, innovation is not only in the projects, but also in the opportunities offered to its talents."