e-Moduline : the solution to overcome production challenges

In the dynamic landscape of e-Mobility, where innovation and adaptation are paramount, we  proudly present our latest modular and flexible solutions : e-Moduline.

Designed to address the evolving needs of the industry, e-Moduline offers assembly and finishing solutions for e-Mobility (Power Electronics Systems, including DC/DC converters, inverters, onboard chargers, all-in-one box solutions, ECUs, e-Drives and more), Energy fields, Electronics.

At the heart of e-Moduline lies a modular concept combined with Prolynk, providing a versatile and efficient solution to the challenges faced by manufacturers in the industry.

Answering the industry pains and providing concrete benefits

This modular and flexible offer integrating Prolynk technology and standardized technical modules by Ose Group is generating real benefits and making it possible to cope with the different challenges of the industry :

Optimize your CAPEX and ensure ROI thanks to the modular concept which allows the equipment to evolve as volumes increase and thus generate a truly scalable solution.

Reduce OPEX by ensuring automation at the right level.

Shorten time-to-market with robust, standardized equipment and sub-assy.

Easy management of product complexity, its evolution and diversity thanks to the flexibility provided by Prolynk.

Optimize footprint with compact machine architectures and matrix manufacturing with Prolynk.

Reduce environmental impact through lower energy consumption and better reusability.

Our offer allow us to build highly flexible and adaptable production lines

Based on a breakthrough innovation thanks to our Prolynk Mobile Programmable Cobot (MPC - Safe and collaborative) and a powerful algorithm (Prolynk Suite for simulation and process workflow optimization), it will boost the performance of your production.

Associated to the Power of Prolynk

When combined with our Prolynk solution, which comprises fleets of safe and collaborative robots (MPC), a modular and scalable platform, and ProlynkSuite software, e-Moduline becomes even more powerful.

Prolynk facilitates seamless integration and automation of assembly processes, offering real-time insights, simulations, and workflow optimizations.

What you need to know

In an era of rapid technological advancement and shifting market dynamics, e-Moduline emerges as a game-changer for manufacturers in the industry.

With its modular design, advanced automation capabilities, and seamless integration with Prolynk, e-Moduline empowers manufacturers to overcome industry challenges, drive efficiency, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Join us in shaping the future of the industry with e-Moduline and Prolynk.

Contact us at : sales.ia@ose-group.com

OSE Group x UIMM : CSR Commitment Charter

OSE is proud to have been awarded the UIMM CSR Commitment Charter on March 12, 2024, formalizing the deployment of our approach.

International Women's Rights Day

On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, OSE Group would like to reiterate its support and desire to welcome more women into French industry!

We thank all the women at OSE Group who are helping to make the future of industry better by developing innovative solutions!

Thank you to ;

Adriane, Alice, Alix, Amélie, Anne, Asifaati, Aurélie, Axelle, Camille, Carine, Caroline, Charlie, Chloé, Christine, Elodie, Fanny, Francine, Gabriela, Isabelle, Joanne, Lucie, Margot, Marie-Lyse, Marion, Mathilde, Mélissa, Nathalie, Nelly, Patricia, Pauline, Solange and Viviane.

To all of you, from the supply chain to the various design offices, from the workshop to the accounting department, from human resources to sales.

"All women have the right to live without fear of violence, to realize their potential and to take their place in all aspects of society."

At OSE Group, we remain vigilant to ensure that the working environment is healthy and respectful for all.
Because it's together that we'll go further towards a better future.

Would you like to join us?
Contact us: rh@ose-group.com

BUEW : winding offer

We are proud to be able to display a large offer of winding technologies, perfected through decades of commitment to bringing the best answers to your industrial needs.

Innovation has been strong on the hairpin technology, our experts have been dedicated to find solutions to increase its performances.

Prosys has been, since 2017, an integral part of OSE as a new center : OSE La Tour.

Prosys has been, since 2017, an integral part of OSE as a new center : OSE La Tour.
The main focus for this center will be on perfecting winding services and management of spare parts.

You want to know more about our winding solution ?

BUEW : Stored winding expertise

At OSE Group, we redefine excellence in the world of winding techniques. Our proficiency extends to needle flat, regular needle, needle for rotor, flying, and linear technology.

What sets us apart ?

The answer lies in our commitment to delivering unparalleled stored winding expertise. We ensure the perfect magnet wire pattern layering, providing your products with the highest copper (magnet wire) density possible. The result? Greater magnet wire density translates to enhanced performance, efficiency, and durability.

Choose OSE Group for a transformative approach to stored winding. Elevate your products with the maximum copper density, setting new benchmarks in quality and reliability.

OSE Group is also where pioneering closed-loop tensioners meet the artistry of stored winding. We proudly stand as pioneers in closed-loop tensioners, showcasing our unparalleled expertise in this transformative technology.

For more information, contact us at :

OSE Group engineering business expansion

In an industrial world undergoing radical change, the challenges are major. They are first and foremost technological, as products and services have to be adapted to the challenges of lower pollutant emissions. But industry must also adapt to new constraints linked to high variability and uncertainty over product lifetimes and associated volumes, while keeping manufacturing costs under control.

From process engineering to product co-development

Drawing on over 35 years' experience in the design. production facilities, OSE has decided to offer its customers support in the overall product development process, in order to integrate these new constraints. In a world where innovation is everywhere, integrating process constraints right from the upstream design phases, while bringing in industrial know-how and innovative technologies, is a guarantee of success.

In this way, through an iterative approach based on agile methods, each sprint leads to a concrete result, a deliverable, which ensures control of the overall development cycle. Our perfect knowledge of manufacturing processes and our ability to propose software-driven production solutions enable us to provide not only a global response in terms of engineering, but also one adapted to market constraints (from the size of the average batch to the cost price ex-factory).

OSE has integrated a number of experts (electromagnetics, thermics, finite elements, power electronics, on-board computing, etc.) into its environment, so as to be able to dialogue more easily with its customers, and in particular with their R&D units.

The latest example is the development of a stator for the aerospace industry

By integrating specific technical skills in the forming of copper alloy flats, as well as in the evaluation of assembly solutions to ensure productivity and quality/repeatability of welded joints using new technologies, we succeeded in co-developing with our customer a product whose performance exceeded by more than 25% the usual performance of the old motors that this re-engineering phase was designed to replace.

Up to the production of representative samples

Our application laboratories are at the service of overall project performance, and we can put our laboratory machines at the service of proofs of concept, prototypes or pre-production runs.

In this way, we are able to produce the few head-of-series that will enable us to evaluate or even certify products that have been produced on equipment very close to that used for series production.

For more information on our winding solutions and technologies,
please contact us at the following address:

E-moduline : start of the project

OSE is proud to announce the start of the E-moduline project at the customer's site.

E-moduline is the best flexible and scalable solution to overcome production challenges. It enables us to meet the demand for assembly of power electronic devices in a context of sharp variations (upwards or downwards) in production volumes.

We are motivated by the desire to help manufacturers overcome the obstacles of production constraints and product complexity.

Combined with our other solution, Prolynk, which disrupts traditional factories and industrial flows, it will boost your production performance.

For more information, contact us at :

OSE Group : innovation pioners at Davos (Switzerland)

President Emmanuel Macron has called on regional presidents to accompany him to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 17, 2024. Among these regional leaders, Christelle Morançais, President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council, stands out, ready to highlight the region's economic strengths, with a particular focus on marine energies, symbolizing the regional commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions.

Each regional president will speak at themed workshops, highlighting the economic strengths, appeal and unique features of their respective regions. Some twenty business leaders, representing SMEs and start-ups, are accompanying this presidential delegation, including Olivier SEYEUX (CEO, OSE Group) who will represent the region Pays de la Loire.

With over 250 employees at several sites, OSE Group specializes in providing automated assembly and winding solutions, as well as innovative modular transfer solutions.
As an expert in industrial automation, OSE Group aims to enrich the global dialogue by bringing a dynamic diversity of regional and innovative perspectives.

The company highlights its commitment to France's economic vitality and diversity, emphasizing not only the crucial role of large corporations, but also the vital importance of regional businesses in promoting innovation and sustainability.

OSE Group x Polytech : welcome to future engineers

On November 23, students from Polytech Angers came to find out more about our business and professions, as well as the prospects for internships and support in validating their career paths.

Nicolas RICHARD, Head of the Automation Design Office, welcomed them and answered all their questions about our professions and the realities of working in the special machine and automation industry.

We're delighted to have been able to hold constructive discussions with these inquisitive and committed young people.

At OSE Group, we're delighted to be involved in the training of tomorrow's talent by supporting students in their projects.

Many thanks again to Polytech Angers - Ecole d'Ingénieurs de l'Université d'Angers for their trust and collaboration over many years now.

Thanks also to Amélie Daviau for her involvement in welcoming the students.

If you are interested in training with us and would like more information :


ETIncelles - OSE laureate of promotion 2023

OSE Group has been honored as the winner of the 2023 class of the ETIncelles program, an ambitious initiative launched by the French President.

This program aims to support French SMEs with the potential and determination to become Intermediate-Sized Companies (ETIs), by identifying and removing administrative obstacles to their growth.

As a visionary company, OSE Group has been recognized for its exceptional potential and its desire to actively contribute to the country's economic growth. This nomination underlines OSE Group's commitment to innovation, growth and business development, demonstrating its position as a leader in the engineering and automation sector.

The ETIncelles program offers selected companies tailor-made support, aimed at identifying and overcoming administrative obstacles that could hinder their growth. As a winner, OSE Group will have access to resources, advice and collaboration opportunities that will further strengthen its market position and enable it to maximize its growth potential.

OSE Group is honored to be part of this presidential initiative, which highlights the country's promising and innovative companies. The company is committed to playing an active role in promoting entrepreneurial excellence, sharing its expertise and experience to inspire other SMEs to reach new heights.

This distinction reinforces OSE Group's reputation as a major player in the sector, ready to take on the challenges of growth and actively contribute to France's economic evolution. OSE Group will continue to work with determination to stimulate innovation, foster business growth and play a key role in the country's economic transformation.