BUEW : Stored winding expertise

At OSE Group, we redefine excellence in the world of winding techniques. Our proficiency extends to needle flat, regular needle, needle for rotor, flying, and linear technology.

What sets us apart ?

The answer lies in our commitment to delivering unparalleled stored winding expertise. We ensure the perfect magnet wire pattern layering, providing your products with the highest copper (magnet wire) density possible. The result? Greater magnet wire density translates to enhanced performance, efficiency, and durability.

Choose OSE Group for a transformative approach to stored winding. Elevate your products with the maximum copper density, setting new benchmarks in quality and reliability.

OSE Group is also where pioneering closed-loop tensioners meet the artistry of stored winding. We proudly stand as pioneers in closed-loop tensioners, showcasing our unparalleled expertise in this transformative technology.

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